(BESIDES US, hahaha)

Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding’s channel is filled with information on the no dig gardeing method, composting, and loads of vegetable gardening tutorials.

Becoming a Farm Girl

You don’t have to live on a large property to live a homsteaders lifestyle! This has become one of my favorite channels for new preservation ideas. She’s also a fantastic resource on being resourceful in stocking/using your food stores.

Off-Grid With Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone is a market gardener turned off-grid homesteader. He has an incredible channel as well as a membership website, From the Field. A phenomenal resource.

The Seasonal Homestead

Another family homesteading, homeschooling and attempting to remove themselves from our broken food system. I love listening to her relaxing videos.

The Elliot Homestead

I think this couple lives in one of my dream spaces. They truly bring emphasize the romance of growing your own food and doing your best to enjoy what you’ve grown. This is the channel I listen to when the seasons been long and there are still baskets of produce calling my name needing to be preserved.

Roots and Refuge Farm

This womans love for gardening and passion to share with others may be great as ours. Not only does she have wonderful content but her devotional videos are some of our favs.

Health and Homestead

This channel offers up the reasons why you should grow certain foods and the nutritional/medicinal benefit to them in your diet. 

Growfully with Jenna

Another great creator of gardening tutorial content. Gardening in Ohio she is slightly closer to the northern climate we grow in and also happens to be a trial seed manager. 

David the Good

I would consider this guy a bit of a rebel gardener who love to experiement. He helps one realize that gardening doesn’t have to be that complicated. And he’s funny, so there’s that. 

Acre Homestead

A newer homesteader with great content for those who love to spend time in the kitchen and need someone to walk along side with who is early in her journey as well. Plus, she just a sweetheart.

She Is Of The Woods

April is incredibly passionate about teaching the individual about safe, simple herbalism. She believe that knowledge should be openly available to everyone and “you too are smart enough to do this!” I absolutely LOVE her channel.

Ice Age Farmer

This guy “looks deeply at the future of our food supply, from the agenda to defile and centralize control to how this must inform our response: a rapid move back to decentralized, regenerative food systems.” A phenomenal channel. He has been banned from creating any new content but I highly recommend binge watching his past content.

Simply Living Alaska

This couple has created the perfect Alaskan based national geographic/homesteading channel. Their content is informative and often filled with stunning imagery.

That 1870's Homestead

Tons of gardening and canning/”rebel” canning content. This husband and wife duo is so down to earth and a joy to follow.

Justin Rhodes

Another comprehensive channel when learning to grow your own food. Creator of the Great American Farm Tour and the Abundance + Streaming Platform, Justin Rhodes knows how to bring the homesteading community together.

Huw Richards

A great channel with a broad range of topics to explore. He focuses on simplified gardening techniques based on permaculture principals. A beautiful easy listening channel.

Garden Answer

If you have a love of growing beautiful perennial landscaping, planting stunning pots on your patio and happen to be a plant nerd like me, you’ll love this channel.

Farmers Friend

Farmers Friend is a fabulous channel that interview different small scare farmers from around the United States. Such an inspiring channel!

Cooper Stuff Podcast

Copper Stuff is hosted by the lead singer of the band Skillet. If you are interested in a Biblical perspective on this issues facing our world today, this is a great podcast.