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One dozen farm fresh free range eggs. We have an assortment of hens that lay a wide variety of beautifully colored eggs. All animal products including eggs must be picked up from directly from our farm. To add eggs to your order, you will need to choose a pick up time.

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Free to forage farm fresh eggs. Our wonderful laying hens roam free during the day, enjoying this 7 acre homestead, taking in all that nature has to offer. While foraging they also enjoy our hand mixed feed provided to supplement their wonderful egg production. As they are provided this wonderful and most natural environment,  they in return grace us with their beautiful rich yellow yolks full of wonderful color and flavor.



Eggs Available for farm pick up only. Each Carton contains 12 colorful farm fresh eggs. These eggs are are unwashed. The bloom remains intact. The eggs will vary in color and size based on the breeds of the laying hens. The different colors indicates the different breed of hen that laid the egg.

For those looking for directions on how to handle and store farm fresh eggs, check out this link provided:

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Tuesday, 9:00a.m., Thursday, 9:00am, Saturday 9am


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